— Our Story

— Our Story

        One & Only Design is an exclusive design firm that specializes in luxurious residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. At One & Only Design, we are dedicated to crafting harmonious and well-rounded designs. Our team comprises exceptionally creative individuals who diligently implement internationally recognized best standards in our projects. We strive to strike the ideal equilibrium between functionality, aesthetics, and individuality for each client, resulting in a genuine and refined design outcome.

We are a team of world-class designers who possess a global perspective, operating from two design studios located in two different countries across two continents. Our offices are situated in Dubai and Canada. Collaboration is deeply ingrained in our DNA, and we have wholeheartedly embraced it at all levels, from our executives to our studios and project teams. Our strong relationships with clients, extensive network of global and local leaders, and diverse pool of talent have played a crucial role in bringing our vision to fruition. One & Only Design, our brand, never fails to leave our clients amazed as we exclusively work with the finest materials, incorporating premium fabrics, exquisite artisan-crafted woods, luxurious leathers, and elegant metals. In all our endeavors, we prioritize originality, luxury, and, above all, quality. Each project we undertake is guided by our clients' needs, expectations, and strategic objectives. Regardless of the project's scale, we are well-equipped to deliver exceptional results wherever our clients require our services.

        At One and Only Design, we always deliver a flawless product that is a true reflection of the client’s vision. In order to create a unique and suitable design for the client’s needs, every project requires constant collaboration with client and all the trades. A successful design is when you can transform the space later and still be able to turn it into something more inspiring; a great design should enhance your lifestyle. As a company with high level of perfection, keeping commitment is what drive us to excellence. To propose the right budget and time frame is what makes this experience more pleasing. Knowing both the trades and suppliers we offer our clients another way to save both time and money. We believe right interior design enhance a space to have a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment which indirectly contribute to a pleasant living.

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A true partnership is a two-way street in which ideas and information flow freely and routinely, based on mutual trust and respect for one another's competence, and our clients share this mindset. The best and most effective relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented, and a long-term relationship adds the value of in-depth industry and company knowledge and relationships.

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